Commercial Lighting Business Partners Program

NYSERDA’s Commercial Lighting Business Partners Program (CLP) promotes effective, energy-efficient lighting  - The Right LightSM - by providing training, assistance, and incentives to lighting practitioners who design and install lighting systems in commercial spaces. The Program also offers continuing education opportunities to its Business Partners and information on NYSERDA’s incentives for end users.  NYSERDA informs building owners and managers of the benefits of effective, energy-efficient lighting and encourages them to use the CLP Business Partners listed on the website when considering their lighting projects.

Why Should I Adopt Right LightSM Lighting Solutions

  • The Right Light can help save 20 to 30 percent on a customer’s electric bills. Maintenance costs are lower because energy-efficient lighting lasts longer than traditional lighting.
  • The Right Light improves retail spaces by creating a welcoming environment and allowing customers to see the merchandise better. Recent studies show that the Right Light can increase sales in retail stores by up to 35 percent. When customers enjoy a store environment and can see the merchandise well, they stay in the store longer and buy more.
  • The Right Light makes a space look better. Effective, energy-efficient lighting creates a more pleasant environment. In offices, good lighting reduces glare on computer screens. Employees feel more comfortable and are more productive when working in a well-lit working environment.
Last Updated: 12/11/2013

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