Business Partners

The Business Partners Program engages mid market actors, such as contractors, distributors, designers, and architects/engineers, to design, equip, and install energy efficient products. The role of the Business Partners Program is to encourage the adoption of energy efficiency strategies and technologies, aid partners in differentiating themselves from competition, and transform business models so that “best” practice becomes standard practice.

The three Business Partners Programs are:

Learn how you can become a NYSERDA Business Partner, earn incentives, receive NYSERDA program updates, receive training and earn continuing education credits, and differentiate your company as a NYSERDA Business Partner.

It is easy to become a Business Partner [PDF]

Other Opportunities for Business Partners

NYSERDA encourages Business Partners to understand and access NYSERDA’s commercial programs to provide the most value to their customers. The Business Partners Programs keep Business Partners up-to-date on NYSERDA’s incentive and financing programs to help their customers better afford to implement their energy efficiency projects.

  • Small Commercial Energy Assessments offers free energy assessments for small businesses and not-for-profits to help them identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and recommend improvements to reduce energy costs.
  • Existing Facilities Program has Pre-Qualified Incentives available to customers interested in purchasing and installing energy efficient equipment such as lighting, HVAC and variable frequency drives at their facility.
  • Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing works with lenders statewide to provide eligible small businesses and not-for-profits with access to low-interest energy efficiency project financing.

Help your customers access NYSERDA’s low-interest financing programs!

Last Updated: 08/14/2014