Wind Energy at Bronx Community College

KidWind School Wind Power Education
Teachers attending the hands-on KidWind
Project workshop

Wind energy, an alternate energy power source, is being capitalized upon by Bronx scientists.

Thirty middle and high school teachers soon will begin teaching their students the elegance and cost benefits of wind turbine technology, thanks to Bronx Community College.

The teachers attended an all-day hands-on workshop, known as the KidWind Project, sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and BCC's Center for Sustainable Energy & Environmental Entrepreneurship Program.

In the workshop on the BCC campus in late January, teachers, with the guidance of a trainer, explored the science behind wind energy through a series of activities, which teach basic science principles. After a brief lecture on wind energy, Michael Arquin, Director of the KidWind Project, demonstrated how a small inexpensive wind turbine could be constructed using materials he brought to the presentation. The teachers then formed small groups and using similar materials began building their own wind turbines.

"This is the first workshop of its type to ever be conducted in New York City," said Dr. Reid Strieby, a Senior Associate at BCC's Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), who hosted this event. Strieby and Dr. James Quigley, Acting Director of BCC's CSE are planning additional hands-on workshops for Bronx high and middle school teachers that explore the advantages of solar energy, hydrogen/fuel cells and alternate fuel vehicles.

This article was published in the Bronx Community College Faculty/Staff Newsletter "VOICE" March 2005 Vol.28, No.3.

Last Updated: 06/19/2014