Energy Efficiency Training Curriculum for Licensing

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has developed energy efficiency technical training curriculum for use by the public and private training organizations through a licensing agreement. The curriculum is designed to support a well-defined building science training program in which energy, health and safety, and durability issues are addressed.

NYSERDA’s curriculum and training materials is recognized by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). BPI is the nation's premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency retrofit work. RESNET is a recognized national standards-making body for building energy efficiency rating and certification systems in the United States.

By offering building science curriculum and training materials to the training organizations, at an affordable cost, NYSERDA enables others to join its mission in building a resilient, skilled labor force in the whole-house contracting arena. Each energy efficiency training has been expertly designed to offer the greatest opportunity for success in the classroom and in the field.

By using a whole-house performance-based approach, students will become familiar with a comprehensive range of interrelated building issues and be able to provide clients with a more comfortable, safe, durable, and energy-efficient home. Our curriculum and training materials will serve as a solid foundation to prepare students for certification testing.

The following technical training curriculum is available for licensing:

Adult Curriculum Secondary Curriculum
Introduction to Home Energy – Building Analyst/Envelope Professional [PDF] Home Energy Analyst Technician (HEAT)
Building Analyst [PDF] Indoor Comfort Efficiency (ICE)
Envelope Professional [PDF]
Heating Professional Air Conditioning and Heat Pump (“Cooling”) Professional [PDF]
Basic Air Sealing and Insulation Installer (BASI) [PDF]
Sales and Marketing [PDF]
Basics of Building Science (online) [PDF]

All teaching curricula and training materials contain the basic technical instructions, tutorials, and more, as described in Exhibit A of the licensing chart. View a list of training materials per course, the fee schedule per licensee category and required training equipment [PDF].

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How To Apply

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Who Is Eligible

  • Entry-level workers who need technical skills to move into a new field
  • Seasoned professionals looking to upgrade or diversify their skills
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Contact Us

For more information about training, reimbursement or licensing contact us at: or
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