Energy Analysis

The Energy Analysis Program provides information to help individuals, businesses, and institutions make informed energy decisions. Energy Analysis staff provide the analysis and data for NYSERDA's Strategic Plan. Energy Analysis staff also evaluate the benefits of NYSERDA's programs and prepare numerous evaluation reports for NYSERDA's senior management, State government policymakers, and stakeholders.

Energy Analysis staff represents NYSERDA as a party to all power plant siting proceedings in New York.

Energy Analysis is responsible for implementing NYSERDA's statutory radioactive waste policy and nuclear coordination functions, which include annual reporting on low-level radioactive waste generated in the State. NYSERDA's President is the Governor's designated State Liaison Officer (SLO) to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Energy Analysis also works closely with the State Office of Emergency Management, federal agencies, national organizations, and energy suppliers to provide early warning of potential energy supply disruptions and provides information for NYSERDA's President as a member of the State Disaster Preparedness Commission.

Last Updated: 05/01/2013