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Benefits of Hiring a Certified Contractor and/or Accredited Companies

Hiring a nationally-certified contractor and/or an accredited company to perform your energy efficiency and renewable energy projects ensures professional, quality work that meets today’s nationally-recognized standards and practices.

Understanding Certifications and Accreditations

Independent, third-party certification requires that an individual conforms to specified standards, and often involves a written, and sometimes a field or practical exam. Individuals who have been certified through nationally-recognized organizations are trained to build, install, and service clean energy equipment/systems using best practices and quality work.

Accredited photovoltaic installers and Home Performance companies also adhere to a set of industry-recognized best practices. They distinguish themselves by committing to high quality installation standards, safe work practices, and customer satisfaction.

Accreditation organizations include:

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’(NABCEP).
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Home Performance Company.
  • Individual photovoltaic or clean-energy equipment manufacturers.

Finding a Certified Contractor

Choosing a qualified contractor to perform your energy efficiency and renewable energy projects can be a daunting task. If you already have a company in mind, please verify that their staff is certified and the company is accredited. Consult NYSERDA's comprehensive list of residential, and renewable companies, which is searchable by county.

Last Updated: 09/16/2014