Municipal Water & Waste Water Facilities

Water and wastewater treatment facilities in New York State consume more than 3 billion kWh of electricity per year. Through a variety of cost-sharing research, demonstration and business-development programs, NYSERDA encourages New York's municipal water, wastewater and solid-waste facilities to adopt innovative technology that is more energy efficient and economical, while preserving environmental standards.

Priority areas include:

  • Working closely with the consulting engineering firms to promote innovative and energy-efficient technologies in New York.
  • Helping municipalities address regulatory pressures to decrease nutrients in wastewater.
  • Developing innovative ways to disinfect water.
  • Optimizing performance to improve efficiency and increase water-and wastewater-treatment capacity.

With rising infrastructure demands and decreasing resources, municipalities are looking for cost-saving measures, particularly with respect to operating costs. Many of the water-and wastewater-treatment plants in New York State may be experiencing unnecessarily high operating costs due to overloading, failing equipment, lack of process-control instrumentation and operating problems. These conditions often result in excessive energy use.

Save Money … Save Energy … Save the Environment

To help solve these problems, NYSERDA offers programs designed to assist the municipality in making sound energy decisions about processes and equipment cost-sharing opportunities. Choices can include energy studies, capital incentives for the installation of energy-efficient equipment and processes and development and demonstration programs for innovative technologies. These opportunities all lead to reductions in utility bills. Specifically, NYSERDA offers direct financial assistance to municipalities that want to identify opportunities and install new equipment for energy-efficiency upgrades in their water-and wastewater-treatment facilities.

Municipal Water and Wastewater Facility Case Studies

Many of New York's water and wastewater facilities have participated in NYSERDA programs to assist with the identification and implementation of energy-efficient improvement projects. Find out how NYSERDA programs can assist your facility by reviewing these case studies.