Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Resources

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or an installer, see why it makes good financial sense to get into hot water with NYSERDA’s Solar Hot Water Program:

Fact Sheets

Get Into Hot Water with NYSERDAFact Sheet [PDF]
Learn about the program, the savings and the incentives available to those who install a NYSERDA-approved system.

7 Myths About Solar Energy and Solar Hot WaterMyth-Busting Sheet [PDF]
This piece dispels many of the common misconceptions about solar energy and solar hot water.


New York Solar Hot Water ProgramHow It Works Video 
A short video about the science, and the savings opportunities, behind
NYSERDA’s Solar Hot Water program.

Video Case Studies - Commercial

Aaron AllenAllenwaite Dairy Farm 
Aaron Allen, manager of Allenwaite Farms, tells us how solar hot water has helped him grow the family farm while saving money and energy.

Stan OldakowskiBavarian Manor B&B  
Innkeeper Stan Oldakowski shares his experience with solar hot water and the savings it provides.

Adrian BethelCooper's Cave Brewery 
Cooper’s Cave Ale Co. owner Adrian Bethel tells us how his solar hot water system saves his brewery money while reducing their carbon footprint.

Video Case Studies - Residential

Sharon HellerRye Brook, NY 
Sharon Heller describes her experience with solar hot water, and how after more than 40 years, she continues to see savings on her utility bills.

Anita HenryStephentown, NY 
Anita Henry tells how NYSERDA helped her realize her goal of reducing her reliance on fossil fuels with a new solar hot water system for their home.

Case Studies

Residential Case Studies

North Country Homeowner Finds Cool Way to Heat Hot WaterLowville, NY [PDF]
Learn how NYSERDA incentives and tax credits helped this homeowner reduce his solar hot water installation costs by 50 percent.

Sharon Heller Residential Case StudyRye Brook, NY [PDF]
Learn how this homeowner continues to see savings on her utility bills after 40 years with solar hot water.

Anita Henry Residential Case StudyStephentown, NY [PDF]
Learn how NYSERDA helped reduce their reliance on fossil fuels through the use of solar hot water.

Commercial Case Studies

Cooper Cave AleCoopers Cave Brewery [PDF]
Learn how one local business owner cut the electric costs and reduced his installation costs by more than half with help from NYSERDA.

Bavarian Hotel Commercial Case StudyBavarian Manor B&B [PDF]
Learn how a local innkeeper is realizing “enormous savings” for his hotel and restaurant thanks to NYSERDA and Solar Hot Water.

Allenwaite Case StudyAllenwaite Dairy Farm [PDF]
See how one man grows his family dairy farm while saving energy with NYSERDA and solar hot water.

Installer Case Studies

A Solar Pioneer's Hot Water Business Heats UpRadiant Store [PDF]
Find out how this program installer is attracting dozens of new customers with the promise of NYSERDA financial incentives.