Final Reports for Water and Wastewater Technology Development Demonstration Projects

Report Title Report Number Owner City
Assessment of Biochemical Process Controls for Reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide Concentrations in Biogas from Farm Digesters [PDF] 12-20 -- --
The UV Validation and Research Center of New York [PDF] 12-13 -- --
Barriers to Biogas Use for Renewable Energy [PDF]
-- -- --
Hydropower from Wastewater [PDF] 12-04 -- --
Energy Efficiency Best Practices For North American Drinking Water Utilities [PDF|3.22 MB] -- -- --
Electricity Generation from Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment in Microbial Fuel Cells [PDF] -- -- --
Overview of State Energy Reduction Programs and Guidelines for the Wastewater Sector [PDF] -- -- --
Energy Efficiency in Value Engineering: Barriers and Pathways [PDF] -- -- --
Energy Center of Wisconsin (ECW)- Great Lakes Region Food Industry Biogas CasebookLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. ECW -- --
Feasibility of Compact, High-Rate Anaerobic Digesters for Biogas Generation at Small Dairy Farms [PDF] 11-02 -- --
WERF Biogas Factsheet [PDF] -- -- --
Evaluating Alternatives for Biogas Clean-up and Use [PDF] 08-23 -- --
Evaluation of Disinfection Alternatives at the Albany County Sewer District North and South Plants - Final Report [PDF|7.5 MB] 10-12 -- --
Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes for Water Disinfection Applications [PDF] -- -- --
Alternative Treatment and Energy Management System Town of Windham Wastewater Treatment Plant [PDF] 10-14 Town of Windham Town of Windham
Feasibility Study of a Pilot Testing Program for Emission Control Biogas Cleaning at a NYCDEP WPCP [PDF] 08-20 -- --
08-18 Energy Efficient Sludge Management Evaluation for Reduced Energy Consumption [PDF] 08-18 -- --
08-16 Pilot Testing of a Membrane Bioreactor Treatment Plant for Reuse Applications [PDF]
Rockland County Rockland County
08-17 Statewide Assessment of Energy Use by the Municipal Water and Wastewater Sector [PDF]

-- --
Village of Cooperstown Wastewater Treatment Facility Ultraviolet Disinfection Project [PDF|5.76 MB]

Village of Cooperstown Cooperstown
Energy Efficient Manure Dewatering Technology Evaluation [PDF]

-- --
City of Oneida Mobilized Film Technology Pilot Study Report [PDF]
07-10 -- --
Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity for the Municipal Wastewater Sector in New York [PDF]
MC08-02 -- --
Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity for the Food Manufacturing Sector in New York [PDF] MC08-01 -- --
Energy Efficient Sludge Treatment with Reed-Bed Technology Demonstration Project [PDF] #06-12 -- --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation Summary Report [PDF] #06-14 -- --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation [PDF|7.6 MB] Oct. 2007

Albany County --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation [PDF|5.3 MB] Oct. 2007

Chemung County Sewer District #1 --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation [PDF|6.7 MB] Oct. 2007

Gloversville- Johnstown --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation [PDF|4.1 MB] Oct. 2007

Ithaca --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation
[PDF|25 MB]
Oct. 2007
Monroe County Department of Environmental Services --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation [PDF|10.9 MB] Oct. 2007
South Fallsburg --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation [PDF|4.5 MB] Oct. 2007
Town of Tonawanda --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation
[PDF|10.8 MB]
Oct. 2007
Wallkill --
Optimization of UV Disinfection #07-07
-- --
Energy Index Development for Benchmarking Water and Wastewater Utilities [PDF] #07-08
-- --
Coarse Monomedia Outreach for Wastewater Treatment Plants [PDF] #07-02
Aug 2006
-- --
Submetering Program Summary Report [PDF|2.55 MB] #07-01
Oct 2006
-- Multiple Locations
Study to Evaluate the Feasibility of Building an Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Methanol System
Oct 2006 New York City Department of Environmental Protection Queens
Membrane Bioreactor Pilot Study [PDF] #06-08
Oct 2006
City of Harriman Harriman
IUVA Northeast Ultraviolet Disinfection Conference [PDF] -- -- --
Coarse Monomedia Filter Pilot Testing [PDF]
Feb 2006
City of Geneva Geneva
Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of Ultraviolet Disinfection Through On-Site Validation and Control Equipment Maintenance [PDF|6.2 MB] #05-09
Oct 2005
City of Albany Albany
Primary Effluent Filtration [PDF|4.5 MB] #05-08
Apr 2005
Niagara County Sewer District No. 1 Niagara Falls
Full-Scale Demonstration of Selector-Contact Stabilization Process [PDF] #05-07
Aug 2005
Town of Rosendale Rosendale
Evaluation of Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Disinfection Technologies for Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent [PDF|2.8 MB] #04-07
Dec 2004
Erie County Dept. of Environment and Planning’s Southtowns Sewage Agency Hamburg
Immersed Membrane Bioreactor Performance Evaluation: Twelve Pines Sewage Treatment Plant [PDF] #04-04
Dec 2004
Suffolk County Suffolk County
Solar-Powered Reservoir Mixing for Improved Drinking Water Quality [PDF] Nov. 2004 -- --
Online Process Monitoring and Electric Submetering at Six Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants  [PDF|10.3 MB] #98-12
Jul 1998
-- Multiple Locations
Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Management: Energy Reference Guide [PDF|7.3 MB] Oct 95 -- Multiple Locations
Energy Efficiency in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants [PDF|2.7 MB] Sep 95 -- Multiple Locations

The reports listed below are available only in hard copy. To receive copies, please send an e-mail to with the report title and number and your mailing address.

Report Title Report Number Owner City
Cascade Aerator Control System # 02-10 Village of East Syracuse East Syracuse
Ash Use from Suffolk County Wastewater Treatment Plant # 02-07 Suffolk County Department of Public Works Yaphank
Evaluation of UV Disinfection Technologies for Surface Water Treatment Plants # 02-06 City of Geneva Geneva
Demonstration of Water Treatment Technologies # 02-04 Village of Waterloo Waterloo
Performance Evaluation of a Vortex Ring Mixer in an Anaerobic Sludge Digester # 02-03 North Tonawanda Wastewater Treatment Plant North Tonawanda
Energy-Efficient Residuals Management Technologies # 02-02 City of Niagara Falls WTP Niagara Falls
Energy Conservation Through Watershed Management for Drinking Water Supply # 02-01


New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the City University of New York New York City
Subsurface-Flow Wetlands Wastewater Treatment System # 00-12 Village of Minoa Minoa
Controlling Odors and Stabilizing Waste in Composting Systems # 00-11 Cornell University Ithaca
Coarse Monomedia Retrofit of Air-Scour-Backwash Tertiary Filters # 00-09 Town of Tonawanda Tonawanda
Water Treatment Plant Filter Backwash Optimization Study # 00-08 City of Canandaigua Canandaigua
Capital Compost In-Vessel Organic Waste Composting # 00-07 Capital Compost Menands
Constructed Wetland System for Treatment of Landfill Leachate # 00-06 Monroe County Rochester/
Monroe County
Application of Biological filters to Remove Nitrogen from a Treatment Plant Effluent # 00-05 Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant Vestal
Evaluating Ozone for Primary Disinfection # 00-03 City of Dunkirk Dunkirk
Biological Stability of Drinking Water Through Treatment Processes and Distribution Systems # 00-02 Jerome Park Water Treatment Distribution Plant (NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection) New York City