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Biomass Heating R&D Program Case Studies

  1. Hidley FarmComplementary Renewable Heating Technologies Installed at Hidley Farm [PDF]
  2. 14-12 Evaluation of Wood Fuel Moisture Measurement Accuracy for Cordwood-Fired Advanced Hydronic Heaters [PDF]
  3. The Wild CenterThe Wild Center Adopts Renewable Heating Technologies [PDF]
  4. 13-01 Evaluation of the Performance and Emission from Commercial Scale Advanced Wood Combustion Systems [PDF]
  5. High Efficiency Hydronics for Wood-Fired Boilers - Presentation [PDF|11.8MB]
  6. 12-15 Environmental, Energy Market, and Health Characterization of Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater Technologies - Executive Summary [PDF|4MB]
  7. 12-15 Environmental, Energy Market, and Health Characterization of Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater Technologies - Full Report [PDF|20MB]
  8. Brookhaven National LaboratoryReview of EPA Method 28 Outdoor Wood Hydronic Heater Test Results [PDF]
  9. EM Magazine Getting There: High Efficiency and Low Emissions Wood Heating [PDF]
    This article appears in the January 2011 issue of EM Magazine, a publication of the Air & Waste Management Association Air & Waste Management AssociationLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. To obtain copies and reprints, please contact A&WMA directly at 1-412-232-3444.
  10. Richard Gibbs, Ph.D. P.E.Residential High-Efficiency Wood Boiler with Thermal Storage and Solar - Thermal Hot Water Hidley Farm Case Study [PDF]
  11. NESCAUMSpatial Modeling and Monitoring of Residential Woodsmoke Across a Non-Urban Upstate New York Region [PDF]
    The focus of this article is emissions characterization for small scale commercial boilers. It includes an analysis of elemental composition and emission impacts of biomass pellets and wood chip fuels in New York State.
  12. BIOENERGY2020+GMBHEuropean Wood-Heating Technology Survey [PDF]
  13. VerenumBiomass Combustion in Europe: Overview of Technologies and Regulations [PDF]
  14. Advanced Climate TechnologiesCommercialization of a European-style High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions, Wood-Fired Boiler [PDF]
    This article provides a demonstration of state of the art wood gasification with efficiency measurements and emissions monitoring.
  15. Brookhaven National LaboratoryStaged Combustion Biomass Boilers: Linking High Efficiency Combustion Technology to Regulatory Test Methods [PDF]
    This is a comprehensive study of efficiency and emissions from residential outdoor wood boilers.
  16. This study examines the conditions for effective use of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) in advanced wood-burning systems, and provides a demonstration and evaluation of a commercial size European wood-pellet boiler system.
  17. Cornell UniversityPerformance of Pellet Stoves and a Boiler Using Grass Pellets for a Fuel Source [PDF]
  18. SUNY Canton — Econoburn Outdoor Wood Boiler Product Development and Certification
  19. Alternative Fuel Boilers, LLC — Testing of Combustion Performance of Domestic and European Grass-Pellet Boiler and Furnace Systems
  20. Curran Renewable Energy, LLC — Evaluation and Demonstration of Two High-Efficiency Commercial Pellet Boilers Operating in Tandem for Performance Optimization
  21. Thermo Control Heating Systems, Ltd.— Thermo Control WB600-C Dual-Stage Boiler Product Commercialization
  22. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County — A study in increasing the efficiency of wood heating through public education,and a field demonstration of grass-pellet production in St. Lawrence County.
  23. Lower Hudson - Long Island RC&D Council — Hudson Valley Grass Initiative

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