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Environmental Product Development

More than 400 companies in New York manufacture equipment, chemicals, and software to manage waste or control pollution. NYSERDA develops waste management and pollution control technologies with New York businesses to help grow the State's environmental products industry.

Targeted industry segments include: air pollution control, wastewater and drinking water, solid and hazardous waste management, site remediation, waste reduction, reuse, recycling, dredge spoil processing, control and information systems, and instrumentation.

Growing Businesses in New York State

With critical NYSERDA support, Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc., has grown from two people to more than a 100-employee business by specializing in developing, manufacturing, and selling particulate mass measurement instruments. These mass measurement devices are used in a variety of applications from measuring ambient levels of fine particles to measuring levels of unburned carbon and particulates in the stacks of coal-fired power plants.

Mass Measurment Device
Mass Measurement Device

Support for All Stages of Development

The Environmental Products Program encompasses all phases of product development including market assessment, prototype development and testing, field demonstration, and marketing for:

  • Products and systems designed to treat, process, or reuse waste products - with less energy
  • Instruments and monitors designed to measure pollutants associated with energy production and use
  • For a list of companies NYSERDA has partnered with, view NYSERDA's Environmental Product Development Partners. [PDF]

Technical Reports

For more information please call NYSERDA at 518-862-1090, Ext. 3248 or 1-866-NYSERDA.

Last Updated: 04/03/2013