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Strategic Objectives

The EMEP program has identified five strategic objectives:

  1. Support environmental accountability through analysis of long-term-monitoring records and modeling Provide the necessary research to assess changes in the environment, specifically in relation to changes in emissions and energy technology.
    • Support research that will help evaluate the effectiveness of air quality management strategies for acid deposition, mercury, ozone and co-pollutants, particulate matter, and climate-forcing agents. Provide insight on how environmental-protection policies may need to be changed in the future to better protect environmental and public health in New York State.
    • Where strategic opportunities exist, support efforts to augment basic compliance monitoring to provide scientifically robust information to advance understanding of the fate and transport of energy-related pollution in New York and the region.
  2. Support research that will enhance understanding of the source types, source regions, and specific pollution components contributing to major environmental problems in New York State Support research that will provide insight on the relative contribution of the combustion of fossil fuel in the various sectors (e.g., electricity production, heating, transportation) to major environmental problems in New York State.
    • Such research should help prioritize opportunities for mitigation and pave the way for cross-sector, potentially market-based pollution control strategies.
  3. Enhance the understanding of the multi-media/multi-pollutant environmental impacts of emerging energy technologies, energy systems, and energy-related pollution control technology.
  4. Encourage the joint consideration of greenhouse gas impacts and direct health and ecologic impacts of pollution sources in New York State. Support efforts to examine the co-benefits of alternative energy and technology solutions.
  5. Build an environmental research capability in New York State to better address the critical problems facing the State and the region and to create opportunities for innovation Help foster collaborative, inter-disciplinary research to make better use of limited resources available for research.
    • Provide seed funding to help attract other resources to further develop research capability in New York that can be sustained and grow beyond resources available to NYSERDA.
Last Updated: 08/20/2012