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Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP)

Although energy use is vital to our economy and quality of life, the processes by which it is generated and distributed can create wide-ranging environmental and public health impacts.

The primary mission of the Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP) program is to increase the understanding and awareness of the environmental impacts of energy choices and emerging energy options, and provide a scientific, technical foundation for formulating effective, equitable, energy-related environmental policies and resource management practices. The EMEP program focuses on critical information needs and research gaps associated with electricity-related environmental issues relevant to New York.

EMEP’s research aims to inform policymaking on the state and regional levels. Environmental policy is also set by the federal government, which participates in international agreements, and by local municipalities, which primarily regulate land use. Thus, environmental policy in New York State is determined by an interconnected web of laws and regulations ranging in scope from the local to the global.

Last Updated: 04/01/2013