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Rome, New York


Refrigerated tractor trailers need power to run their refrigeration units and keep their cargo under the proper conditions. Usually that means running a sizable diesel motor separate from the main engine, which burns valuable fuel and increases harmful emissions.


Our goal was to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel and the associated emissions. Secondary goals include reduced maintenance costs, noise levels, and overall greater efficiency of operation.


In this multiyear, multimillion dollar series of projects, NYSERDA has partnered with Shorepower Technologies, the U.S. EPA, the U.S. DOE, Carrier Transicold and NYS Electric & Gas (among others) in a multiphase project to develop and demonstrate electrical technology to reduce refrigerated trailers diesel consumption. This was done by using hybrid trailers, which plug into the electric grid where power was made available. Even though the trailers would have to revert to diesel while traveling over the road or parked at unpowered area, the advanced refrigeration equipment consumed less diesel fuel and produced less emissions.

  • Initial Market Study and Technology Assessment
  • Parking Lot Infrastructure Development at Maines Food & Paper
  • Facility Infrastructure Development at Willow Run Foods
  • Energy management system at NYSDOCS
  • Potential Implementation at Hunts Point Produce Market


Multi-site demonstrations with on board fuel and electric diagnostics showed many benefits from the use of the electrified system over the use of a comparable all -diesel setup. Operational and maintenance costs were significantly lower, over the course of the studies. Exact saving and payback periods depend on usage and fuel costs, but can be relatively short and worthy of consideration.

Schedule and Status

Several areas still need development, including equipment exposure, placement, and ease of use. Results are conclusive that this is cost and emission saving technology. Plans are in place for further application at larger facilities in the near future.


Joseph D. Tario
Sr. Project Manager
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Last Updated: 07/01/2014