Commercial Hybrid Vehicles


MetroKing Taxi

Metroking Motors, LLC has been developing the Metroking, a body-on-frame vehicle derived from a standard pickup truck but modified to accept a variety of body modules, making the vehicle suitable for commercial applications such as taxi, paratransit and delivery van. The initial version is a wheelchair-accessible taxi. In addition to possessing many features that enhance productivity, the Metroking Taxi is designed to provide improved fuel economy compared to a standard taxi and to easily accept a variety of energy efficient options currently in design. For example, the developer has prototyped a “mild hybrid” or “idle-stop” system that automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle is not moving and restarts the engine as soon as the driver presses the gas pedal. Tests have shown this system can potentially cut fuel use by up to 20 percent in urban driving, achieving much of the benefit of a full hybrid-electric system at a fraction of the cost.


The objective is to develop and commercialize a vehicle that achieves improved fuel economy and functionality versus conventional vehicles in the taxi industry, paratransit and delivery fleets, and other market niches.


NYSERDA has sponsored Metroking’s chassis design and fabrication work, construction of prototype vehicles, design and evaluation of powertrain components, and establishment of manufacturing facilities. Ongoing work includes: construction of multiple Metroking vehicles for initial demonstration and marketing activity; completion of safety certifications and other technical requirements necessary to support the start of commercial sales; completion of factory upgrades to improve production quality and capacity; and, continued evaluation of components to improve fuel economy.


This project will reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of commercial vehicles used in New York City and elsewhere, and will create manufacturing jobs.

Schedule and Status

This project is in transition from engineering development and testing, to initial demonstrations with potential customers and limited commercial sales.


Joe Wagner, Sr. Project Manager
518-862-1090, Ext. 3228

Last Updated: 07/01/2014