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CNG for Delivery Trucks and Refuse Haulers

Compressed Natural Gas as a Commercial Vehicle Fuel Alternative

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an eco-friendly, cost-effective fuel alternative for private New York State delivery and refuse companies to serve the needs of their fleet while saving money. Traditionally, the price of CNG has followed the trend for conventional petroleum fuels in the transportation market, with modestly lower prices for CNG. Currently, petroleum prices are increasing while CNG costs have stabilized, causing significant price differentials. This price differential will fluctuate over time, but market and supply trends for natural gas and petroleum make it likely that it will continue to be less costly to operate a CNG vehicle than a diesel vehicle. Additionally, the use of CNG to displace gasoline or diesel fuel assists New York State in achieving its broad energy security and environmental air quality goals.

Natural Gas Alternative for Delivery Fleets

NYSERDA’s CNG Vehicle Program Guide for Delivery Fleets provides information to help private delivery companies in New York State determine if CNG vehicles are a viable option and gain the basic knowledge to start evaluating and implementing a CNG vehicle program.

Natural Gas Alternative for Refuse Fleets

Every fleet and operation is different with its own unique features. NYSERDA’s CNG Vehicle Program Guide for Refuse Fleets will provide overview information to help New York State municipalities and private companies determine if CNG vehicles are a viable option for their refuse services and gain the basic knowledge to start evaluating and implementing a CNG vehicle program.

Last Updated: 06/09/2014
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How To Participate

  • Visit PON 2818 and apply for a project grant
  • Await notice from NYSERDA about the status of your application
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Who Can Participate

The Program is open to any entity that proposes to construct and own one or more publicly accessible CNG refueling stations located in New York State

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Who To Contact

Patrick Bolton
Senior Project Manager

518-862-1090, Ext. 3322

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