NYSERDA’s transportation programs are designed to provide funding opportunities for projects, and innovative research and development initiatives that reduce emissions, improve air-quality, and reduce our dependency on imported oil. The programs are designed to promote business development, protect the environment, increase energy reliability, and enhance a competitive transportation-energy market.

NYSERDA's Alternative Fuel vehicle programs are designed to implement projects that maximize the environmental, energy, and economic benefits of introducing clean-fueled vehicles into fleets. These programs encourage public and private fleets to implement strategies to introduce alternative fuel vehicles, related infrastructures, and biofuels at both the state and local levels to improve the State's water and air quality. By accelerating the introduction of these technologies, the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program improves New York State's environment by reducing vehicle emissions while at the same time, lessens the State's dependence on imported petroleum. NYSERDA also works with New York State businesses to develop new transportation products, including improved vehicles and components that use natural gas, electric and hybrid-electric technologies, biodiesel and ethanol fuels.

In the area of advanced transportation systems, Research and Development is directed at enhancing mobility, reducing congestion, and improving transportation energy efficiency with advanced mass transit and highway infrastructure technologies.

Funding Opportunities

NYSERDA funds its projects through competitive solicitations which are issued periodically throughout the year. Check our Funding Opportunities page for the latest information on past, current and planned solicitations. Please also see Announcements of previous awards and projects.

Current Projects

See a full list of our wide variety of Transportation projects. Detailed descriptions are available for each entry.

Final Reports

Completed research projects and other guidebooks are available for download on the NYSERDA web site. Please see our publications page and Case Study Page. NYSERDA may have additional information through The New York State LibraryLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. (NYSL).


The Transportation staff are available to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have on our program opportunities. Full contact information for our staff can be found on our Staff Contacts page.


Last Updated: 10/06/2014