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RPS CST ADG Twin Birch ICE(27740)

Twin Birch Dairy LLC


The New York State Energy Plan is designed to secure 30% of New York State electricity sales from renewable resources by 2015. The Public Service Commission has established a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Program to achieve that goal, by installation of a variety of different renewable-power production technologies, including electricity production from anaerobic digester gas (ADG). This project applied for funds from the Customer-Sited Tier (CST) of the RPS Program.

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Project Description

The goal of the CST ADG Program is to incentivize the acquisition and continued operation of commercially-available ADG-to-electricity systems, which will contribute to the achievement of the megawatt-hour production goals identified in the RPS CST Program. This project will support the purchase, installation and operation of new ADG-fueled electric-generation equipment at Twin Birch Dairy LLC, located in Skaneatles, NY.


This 225 kW-capacity project is expected to generate 1,478 megawatt-hours of renewable energy per year.

Project Results


Twin Birch Dairy LLC
1001 Lacy Rd
Skaneateles, NY 13152

Principle Investigator

Steve McGlynn

Universities Involved


Project Type:

On-site Power Production

Technologies Types:

Anaerobic Digester

NYSERDA Contact Information

Stephen A. Hoyt


R&D - Mfg Tech & On-Site Pwr

Contract Details

Start Date: 7/16/2012
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 27740

Last Updated: 7/26/2012