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Automated Peak Load Reduction and Demand Response for Commercial Roof-top-units (25908)

Regen Energy Inc.


Commercial building temperature controls maintain comfort without regard to building peak electrical demand or its impact on the grid. In New York State, a building’s cooling load is highly coincident with the highest demand on the state’s electric grid. Commercial buildings pay demand/delivery charges to the utility based on peak load during the month, which can constitute 40% of the total monthly utility bill. Installation of a sophisticated energy management system (EMS) can be expensive and impractical. REGEN Energy’s EnviroGrid controllers provide automated demand management, demand response, and load scheduling of root-top-unit (RTU) appliances as a retrofit. Using patented swarm logic, they coordination operation of multiple RTUs on a signal facility to reduce peak electrical demand in providing 24/7 management of duty cycles while maintaining occupant comfort. The systems can received a remote demand response signal using the Energy Interoperability Standard OpenADR format and provide automated demand response.

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Project Description

The objective of this project is to conduct a rigorous third-party analysis of the REGEN systems at four New York State customer sites, and the resulting benefits for both peak load reduction and demand response. The installation of the REGEN systems at the New York System site will be paid for by others. Additionally, it is desirable to demonstrate the ability of the REGEN system to receive OpenADR signals from an OpenADR demand response automation server being demonstrated by others in the State. The study will take place over the 2012 cooling season, with a final report prepared by December 31, 2012.


Use of the REGEN system may reduce summertime demand levels by 15%, reduce the associated demand/delivery utility costs, reduce overall peak demands on the grid and provide additional automated curtailment for demand response using the OpenADR.

Project Results


Regen Energy Inc.
15 Belfield Rd, Suite 5
Toronto, ON M9W 1E8

Principle Investigator

Mark Kerbel

Universities Involved


Project Type:

Product Demonstration

Technologies Types:

Building Systems

NYSERDA Contact Information

Anthony Abate


R&D - Buildings Research

Contract Details

Start Date: 8/21/2012
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 25908

Last Updated: 8/20/2012