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Demonstration of panelized exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) in residentail applications(24005)

The Levy Partnership, Inc.


There is a growing market for substantial insulation upgrades to older homes as evidenced by the common practice of adding attic insulation and replacing windows. There are also now re-siding projects performed that include thin layers of insulation to improve thermal performance and air-tightness of older homes. Still, meaningful insulation levels are often not considered practical due to their high cost. Resurfacing or repairing exterior walls without bringing their thermal performance up to current construction standards is an opportunity lost. The Levy Partnership, NeighborWorks America, Sto Corporation, and Jersey Panel Corporation believe a pre-fabricated and prefinished panel currently used for the facades of commercial and institutional buildings could be applied to existing residential construction and significantly improve the thermal performance and air tightness of homes. This product is an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) in a panelized form that ships to the site ready for attachment to the building enclosure. This approach differs from traditional EIFS that are applied layer by layer on site to the building enclosure using a more time consuming process. The panelized form can be delivered with up to twelve inches of expanded polystyrene foam insulation for a resulting whole wall R value improvement of approximately 48.

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The Levy Partnership and its team will demonstrate the use of a panelized EIFS product on a minimum of three New York residential buildings. The panelized EIFS demonstrated will be a product Sto currently markets for retrofitting existing commercial buildings. The demonstration sites will include single and multifamily buildings of varying sizes, but include at least one apartment building at least three stories in height. These demonstrations will include evaluation of the energy savings for one year, material and installation costs, indoor air quality, and occupant comfort at each of the sites.


The panelized EIFS system has the potential to reduce energy usage by 25 to 60%, depending on the size of the building and the original level of wall insulation present. The panelized approach has the potential to reduce installation costs compared to a traditional site applied EIFS approach.

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The Levy Partnership, Inc.
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Jordan Dentz

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Product Demonstration

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Building Systems
Building Construction Methods

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Robert Carver


R&D - Buildings Research

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Start Date: 2/16/2012
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 24005

Last Updated: 12/19/2013