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Deep Energy Retrofit in New York(17042)

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation


The Contractor possesses a seasoned building science team with combined experience in educating and working with building professionals on enabling the widespread adoption of more efficient, responsible building practices. This unique background in building science education, combined with the founder of Energysmiths (Marc Rosenbaum) will bring invaluable knowledge to the participants receiving both the classroom and field training. Mr. Rosenbaum is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, who has trained thousands of professionals through many venues, e.g. NESEA, ACI and Building Science Inc. workshops. Building Contractors attending the trainings will have access to this team of experts both during classroom time and on the job site.

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Project Description

This project involves the development of a robust training program, involving both classroom and field components to enable selected Building Contractors with deep energy retrofit skills. The Contractor is retained for consultation during in-field work and problem solving. Strategies are vetted and solutions provided to the Buildign Contractors. A training module will be produced and provided to NYSERDA to deliver to future BPI Contractors.


Four (4) single family homes were treated with the deep energy retrofit strategies, and provided great improvements in: air infiltration reductions, total (electrical and space heat) measured energy reductions, and tabulation of material and labor costs associated with the reductions. Lower load houses enabled simplified combi domestic hot water/space heat fan coil systems to be implemented. Whole house ventilation strategies were discovered and implemented as well, improving upon the indoor air quality and comfort level of the occupants.

Project Results

Four (4) retrofit projects achieved average of 76% reduction in ACH 50 calculations. The improved air leakage values also lead to total energy reductions in MMBTus. Over a four month measured bill data period results in a 44% reduction thus far. The space heat portion of this in MMBTus results in a 54% reduction thus far. Percent reductions are expected to increase as more data is collected over additional heating seasons. To achieve these reductions, the project costs are $18/sq ft of exterior coverage. Future research will pursue driving these costs down closer to $10/sq ft with the same energy savings yields. Many field lessons were attained by interviewing and observing the Contractors as they progressed through the Deep Energy Retrofits, encountering issues that required adjustments and resolution. The support provided from the Building Science Team to the Contractors was invaluable to the success of the project. Contractors elevated their knowledge base, and resolved comprehensive building issues as projects matured.


Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
128 Lakeside Ave., Ste 401
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Principle Investigator

Bret Hamilton

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Research Study

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Building Systems
Building Construction Methods

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Gregory Pedrick


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 2/18/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 17042

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