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Research Project Information

Research Project Summary Information

Project started as vertical axis wind turbine, company developed siting tool to help with sales and proper placement for higher output.(11000-A)

Wind Products


The Contractor has developed a helix-shaped wind turbine that can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal axis orientation on building rooftops in urban settings. They have proven some market acceptance in trial units. The design has advantages of operating at lower wind speeds compared to traditional methods. Several successful demonstrations in Chicago have shown promising results, but the product needs further refinement and testing before commercialization.

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Project Description

The Contractor would like to refine the product for better power production at slow wind speeds and bring the overall price below $0.50/kWh to better compete against utility companies. They have also contracted with Advanced Energy Conversion (AEC) who will help design and build power conditioning electronics that will transform the power to usable energy. A second phase will commercialize product and work towards $0.30/kWh. Proposer is also working on certifications/allowances and wind monitoring devices at possible locations.


Each unit is expected to generate 2,000 kWh each year in NYC installations. The Contractor expects market potential of up to 8,000 turbines in New York State by 2013. The Contractor's goal is to produce an aesthetically pleasing design with quiet operation that will hasten public acceptance. The Contractor expects about 150 new jobs and $9 million in benefits for the State annually in manufacturing, and installation of new units.

Project Results


Wind Products
20 Jay St., Ste. 936
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Principle Investigator

Russell Tencer

Universities Involved


Project Type:

Product Development

Technologies Types:

Energy Power Supply
Wind Turbine

NYSERDA Contact Information

Barry Liebowitz


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 6/16/2011
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 11000-A

Last Updated: 7/11/2013