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Demand response providing ancillary services: developing and demonstrating methods for direct-to-ISO connectivity, algorithm-base participation optimization and resource aggregation (22952)

Demand Response Partners Inc.


The NYISO’s Demand-Side Ancillary Service Program (DSASP) allows demand response (DR) resources to supply ancillary services, including spinning reserve, which are higher value compared to the capacity product DR typically provides. DR resources have very different internal calculations of revenues, opportunity cost and business risk compared with generation, making the decision if and when to provide ancillary services complicated. DSASP currently requires the same integration method as traditional generators, and is a barrier to participation by DR, typically smaller. One of those requirements is that the resources be connected to the ISO generation control system through the transmission owners (TO) controls. The NYISO is considering changes that would allow these resources and/or the network operations centers controlling these resources to connect directly to the ISO generator control system, bypassing the TO. Additionally, the NYISO intends to develop aggregation rules that will significantly reduce performance risk and increase operational capabilities of these resources. DR providing ancillary services would still be subject to the same ISO telemetry and performance verification requirements as generation suppliers. Increased demand-side participation should in turn increase competition in ancillary services, reduce prices, displace inefficient suppliers and compensate rate payers able to provide the same service to the grid.

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Project Description

This project will develop a prototype communication infrastructure and software modules customized specifically to accommodate the evolving data requirements specifications for participation in the NYISO’s DSASP. The communication infrastructure and software applications would be used by NYS commercial and industrial customers that wish to provide ancillary services or the curtailment service provides that represent them. The objective will be to prototype flexible and configurable tools able to accommodate the data management, connectivity, communications and protocols that the NYISO may specify. Major tasks: 1.direct-to-ISO communications Infrastructure specification and prototype (RTU backend communication, RTU to ISO communication, bidding and scheduling), 2.risk-assessment software application prototype, 3.demonstration (>1 MW load) of risk assessment and direct-to-ISO communications and data management and,4.DSASP Resource Aggregation Prototype. With the right tools, curtailment service providers can facilitate participation and ensure that data collection is timely, accurate and in compliance with specifications and still accommodate the evolution of the program.


The proposed innovation will reduce the cost and complexity of participation in DSASP, expediting the entry of participants and improve the effectiveness of their participation once they have enrolled. By cost-effectively enabling resources and curtailment service providers to connect direct-to-ISO, aggregate and manage multiple resources, it is expected that both large and smaller facilities will be attracted to participate in DSASP program. Objectives of the project include (a) proof of reliable, secure communications between NYISO, service providers and resource facilities, (b) a report of results from the pilot demonstration of one industrial resource in DSASP, and (c) a report evaluating the demonstrated methods with respect to aggregation of multiple resources in DSASP. The demonstration and prototype will be used to stimulate participation in NYISO’s DSASP. Project deliverables include reports and presentations which will be publicized and made available to NYSERDA for the purpose of informing the public of the project’s results.

Project Results


Demand Response Partners Inc.
5586 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

Principle Investigator

Andrew Dorn

Universities Involved


Project Type:

Product Development

Technologies Types:

Building Systems

NYSERDA Contact Information

Anthony Abate


R&D - Buildings Research

Contract Details

Start Date: 2/7/2012 1
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 22952

Last Updated: 5/15/2014