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300kW Reciprocating Engine CHP system installed at Roosevelt Landing.(22248)

North Town Roosevelt, LLC


Roosevelt Landing is a 1,000,000+ square foot, 1,003 unit public housing complex of nine buildings that consumes 14,900 MWhr of electricity and 27,500 MMBtu of natural gas per year. The complex is electrically heated, however. Domestic hot water is provided by a central natural gas fueled boiler plant. The complex is master metered.

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Project Description

A CHP system consisting of three 100 kW Tecogen reciprocating internal combustion engine-based gensets will be installed and integrated into the electric and domestic hot water systems.


The CHP system is expected to generate 2,060 MWhr of electricity and 14,000 MMBtu of useful thermal energy per year The CHP system is expected to have an 84% annual overall fuel utilization.

Project Results


North Town Roosevelt, LLC
c/o Urban American Management, LLC 590 56th Street
West New York, NJ 07093

Principle Investigator

David Davenport

Universities Involved


Project Type:

On-site Power Production

Technologies Types:

Reciprocating Engine

NYSERDA Contact Information

Ashley Porubcan


Strategic Operations

Contract Details

Start Date: 12/2/2011
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 22248

Last Updated: 12/20/2013