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Aircraft Radio Guidance System(ST9952-1)

Argus Avionics, Inc.


Projections made by NASA and the FAA indicate that the present volume of air traffic will double within the next 20 years. As most airports are located within metropolitan areas, the ability to increase their physical size is limited. This suggests that the development of a new technology to increase the throughput capacity of existing airports is needed. Argus Avionics has introduced the concept of a high-precision aircraft guidance system enabling the pilot to determine his precise position under poor visibility conditions and perform a fully automated landing of the aircraft. The ARGUS system uses radio frequency to accurately determine the aircraft's position and velocity, allowing it to be used to guide an aircraft during its approach, landing, roll-out, taxiing, and take-off maneuvers. Under NASA funding, Argus has validated the high-precision measurement concept and gained experience in building phase lock loops and digital signal processors, all key components of the overall system.

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Project Description

The project advances the Contractor’s technology and comprises the next step in the multi-phase effort is to prepare the system for future tarmac testing, where all subsystems will be interconnected and tested via a vehicle on a tarmac. The project will focus on initiating the process of designing, building (or buying), and testing components of the subsystems that will ultimately be interconnected and tested in anticipated future demonstration-oriented phases.


Benefits of the completed system include reductions in fuel consumption by eliminating time-consuming holding patterns, engine exhaust pollution and noise pollution, increases in safety, and increased high-tech jobs in NYS.

Project Results

ARGUS performed in an acceptable manner in this project. Delays were encountered in the project, fundamentally in the Contractor’s attempts to secure additional NASA funding for activities that they anticipated would be a follow-on to augment this project. While technical performance was generally very good, project communications suffered due to the senior technical staff being uncomfortable in utilizing email and electronic media, and resorting mostly to US mail and hard copy communications. The Contractor required a lot of mentoring in documentation requirements for both direct and indirect costs for a cost-reimbursable type project. Apparently their NASA funded federal earmark was much less demanding in the required paperwork, and operated more like a grant.


Argus Avionics, Inc.
3483 W Seneca Tpke
Syracuse, NY 13215

Principle Investigator

Ed Heinzerling

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Product Development

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Frank Ralbovsky


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9952-1

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