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A Collaborative Approach to Advancing the Development of DG Systems in New York City High Rise Build(ST9934-1)

New York Energy Consumers Council, Inc.


The New York Energy Consumers Council (“NYECC”), the largest energy consumer advocacy group in New York State, with membership that includes many of New York’s major owners of commercial office buildings, has undertaken a technology transfer study to broaden the market penetration of Clean Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power (collectively, “Clean DG”) systems in commercial office buildings in New York City, since these have been shown to represent the largest single potential application for Clean DG systems in New York. This project has built upon the efforts of Project #9153 that documented specific examples as to the cost effectiveness, the constructability and the replicability of DG/CHP systems within New York City office buildings.

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Project Description

Through this project, NYECC, with assistance from Endurant Energy LLC, a developer of Clean DG systems in New York City, has established and administered the New York Clean DG Working Group. The Working Group includes not fewer than ten (10) office building owners, as well as Clean DG developers, government representatives, utility personnel, and other stakeholders).


The Working Group has been a comprehensive and ongoing collaboration of some of the largest energy consumers in New York City and has encouraged and supported the proliferation of Clean DG systems by: 1. Awareness – Improving the familiarity of building owners with Clean DG by assembling and disseminating Clean DG-related publications via the NYECC Web site and quarterly newsletter, as well as coordinating and hosting two open-invitation seminars regarding Clean DG 2. Assessment – Addressing the issues identified in the New York Energy Task Force report and NYSERDA Report 02-12 by performing feasibility screening for potential Clean DG projects, and 3. Attention – Preventing attrition of Clean DG projects in development by organizing and executing quarterly roundtable meetings for the discussion of issues pertinent to the development of Clean DG systems and providing technical support to Clean DG projects under development.

Project Results

This project has further galvanized the major NYC real estate holding companies in pursuit of CHP and has helped shepherd candidate sites to NYSERDA’s CHP programs. This project assessed cogeneration for 28 buildings in NYC, which represents a potential fleet size of 115 MW should all of the potential projects come to fruition. This represents an average size project of 4 MW. A final report has been issued and distributed by NYSERDA.


New York Energy Consumers Council, Inc.
11 Pennsylvania Plaza , Floor 22
New York, NY 10001

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David Bomke

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Information Dissemination

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Dana Levy


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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9934-1

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