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Metal Halide Wallwash Track Fixture(ST9426-1)

Edison Price Lighting, Inc.


Several leading manufacturers of electronic metal halide ballasts have released new, compact, electronic ballasts. These ballasts give fixture manufacturers the opportunity to design metal halide track fixtures that are smaller in size than those currently on the market. The Contractor has successfully commercialized a family of metal halide fixtures with NYSERDA co-funding, and growth in sales of these product lines surpasses both the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and incandescent products. NYSERDA cofunded the Contractor’s development of a Metal Halide Par 60 Lamp Track Fixture (4621), a Metal Halide Wallwash Fixture (NYSERDA #6151), a Metal Halide Par 40 Track Fixture (NYSERDA #4555), a Metal Halide Atrium Fixture (NYSERDA #4562), and a CFL Downlight Fixture (NYSERDA #8892).

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Project Description

The goal of the project was to develop and commercialize a metal halide wallwash track fixture designed for the new compact Metal halide T-4 lamps. The tasks included: (1) designing and prototyping the metal halide fixture; (2) performing a series of lamp/ballast evaluations/photometric tests on prototype fixtures; and (3) finalizing the fixture design, packaging, and promotional materials.


There are energy savings, maintenance savings, and environmental benefits associated with using the T-4 metal halide-based track fixtures, as well as labor savings resulting from less frequent lamping. The new metal halide 39-watt T-4 lamp released in early 2006 provides 3,300 lumens, and has a life of 9,000 hours. The metal halide T-4 39 W lamp produces 18% more light, consumes 74% less energy, and provides 4.5 times the life of the quartz halogen T-4 150 W lamp it replaces. The Contractor is a New York lighting company, and the project will expand and support its current offerings of metal halide-based fixtures, and potentially result in increased employment at its Long Island City, NY, manufacturing facility.

Project Results

The project successfully completed the project goals. The new fixture has been commercialized by Edison Price Lighting, and it is being marketed as the “Stacklite MH T4.” The fixture is available in 20-watt, 39-watt or 70-watt models, for 120-volt or 277-volt service. The color rendering is 81 to 95, and the color temperatures range from 3000°K to 4200°K. The rated lives of the lamps are as long as 15,000 hours.


Edison Price Lighting, Inc.
41-50 22nd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

Principle Investigator

Richard (Rick) Shaver

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Product Development

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Building Systems
Other Lumination

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Marsha Walton


R&D - Buildings Research

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9426-1

Last Updated: 4/26/2012