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Field Verification of Energy Efficient UV Disinfection Systems(ST9328-1)

Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc


Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc. (EET) has licensed the design for an energy efficient ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection reactor (the “REV-FLO”) from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The technology’s inventor, Dr. Ali Ogut, an RIT professor and the Chief Technology Officer at EET, would like to further develop the disinfection system for commercialization.

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Project Description

The ultimate goal of the project was commercialization of the unit. The unit was tested at the UV Validation and Research Center of New York (Johnstown, NY) to verify the technical and design advantages that differentiate it from comparable, commercially-available units.


Recent studies have shown that UV disinfection, an electro-technology, is effective against Giardia and Cryptosporidium, where chlorine has not been effective. Advances in UV disinfection reactor efficiency can have large impacts on reducing total system energy use.

Project Results

Testing demonstrated that the REV-FLO unit can disinfect at a comparable or better dosage than the competition model while using 20.5%-plus less energy, and that the unit can disinfect the water more effectively at lower UVTs. A verbal commitment has been received from a cooling tower water treatment provider to test the REV-FLO unit in a water treatment loop. Licensing opportunities and a patent for the technology are being sought. EET plans to design and fabricate a production REV-FLO unit for validation, according to New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and NSF/ANSI 55 Class A certification requirements. [Note: In order to be accepted under current NYSDOH and related drinking water regulations, new reactor disinfection performance requires validation testing using known test protocols.] Once these advantages have been verified, the reactor will be tested following ANSI/NSF Standard 55A. According to the New York State Department of Health, certification under this Standard is required if a UV disinfection reactor of 30 gallons per minute or less is to be installed in New York State.


Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc
1800 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd
Rochester, NY 14623

Principle Investigator

Ali Ogut

Universities Involved


Project Type:

Product Development

Technologies Types:

Waste Management and Pollution Prevention
Water/Wastewater treatment systems

NYSERDA Contact Information

Kathleen O'Connor


R&D - Environment & Energy Res

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9328-1

Last Updated: 1/10/2011