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Evaluation of the Cost Effectiveness of DG/CHP Systems for Commercial Office Buildings With in NYC:Evaluation of the Cost Effectiveness of DG/CHP systems for commercial office buildings within NYC(ST9153-1)

Gas Technology Institute


Commercial office buildings within the Consolidated Edison (“Con Edison”) service territory, specifically, New York City, represent one of the largest technically feasible vertical markets for Distributed Generation/Combined Heat and Power (DG/CHP) systems within New York State. A myriad of challenges exist in developing DG/CHP systems within New York City, including constructability issues such as allocating space for the engine-generator assembly, its auxiliary devices, and a stack to exhaust the products of combustion, as well as other factors such as noise level, vibration, and the structural requirement to support these systems. This project has documented specific examples as to the cost effectiveness, the constructability and the replicability of DG/CHP systems within New York City office buildings, and performed technology transfer to disseminate the findings.

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Project Description

The project has leveraged results from work done by Gas Technology Institute (GTI - the Contractor) and its partners: United States Department of Energy (USDOE); Redwood Power Company, a developer, underwriter, and manager of DG/CHP projects within commercial office buildings; and Equity Office Properties. In addition, there are at least four (4) National Accounts members, each of whom has numerous commercial office buildings in New York City, as part of the National Accounts Energy Alliance (NAEA) Program sponsored by the USDOE.


It is expected that the empirical evidence provided by even a few successful DG/CHP demonstration projects will stimulate more building owners to implement DG/CHP systems; therefore, this project has included an initiative to spur the development of 10 megawatts of DG/CHP projects within New York City office buildings by providing their owners with the analytic tools and standardized processes necessary to develop a portfolio of DG/CHP systems. More specifically, the Contractor has pursued the following objectives: • Simultaneously develop and successfully demonstrate, in aggregate, 10 Megawatts of DG/CHP projects in New York City using similar equipment • Identify, document and publish the specific challenges, solutions and lessons learned in developing multiple similar DG/CHP projects within the commercial office vertical market • Educate the partners and those in their respective circles of influence as to the benefits and challenges of implementing DG/CHP systems • Attract the attention of leading vendors and construction contractors to provide standardized products and services applicable to DG/CHP projects in commercial buildings. The drive towards standardization of DG/CHP equipment is expected to allow for reduced development and construction costs, thereby helping to make a stronger economic case for implementing DG/CHP technologies.

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A final report has been issued and has been distributed by NYSERDA.


Gas Technology Institute
39971 Treasury Center
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Information Dissemination

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Dana Levy


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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9153-1

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