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Development of Best Practices Guidelines & Handbook for Small CHP Project Development in NY :Development of Best Practices Guidelines and Handbook for Small CHP Project Development in NY(ST9152-1)

Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.


NYSERDA’s Distributed Generation(DG)/Combined Heat and Power(CHP) Market Potential Study, conducted by EEA, shows that 40% of the remaining technical potential for CHP in NYS is in systems of one (1) MW electric capacity or less. Still, there is significant real-and-perceived risk to installation of small CHP systems, and this is delaying the penetration rate.

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Project Description

Gather the lessons learned from NYSERDA’s demonstration experience with a wide variety of small CHP installations and applications, and benchmark against lessons learned elsewhere in the country. This information will be synthesized into an industry “Best Practices” handbook for developing small CHP in NYS. Project development hurdles, descriptions of project development requirements, detailed guidance for successful project development approaches, and commonly-recognized pitfalls, will be documented.


Produce and disseminate a report that will be of special benefit to projects pursuing CHP at smaller-sized sites. Further leverage the transfer of lessons learned from various NYSERDA DG/CHP projects.

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Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.
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Bruce Hedman

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Information Dissemination

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Energy Power Supply

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Edward Kear


R&D - Mfg Tech & On-Site Pwr

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9152-1

Last Updated: 9/20/2012