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Solvent Free Coating of Fabric with Pre-Ceramic Polymers(ST9090-1)

Starfire Systems, Inc.


Many products manufactured, using Starfire’s pre-ceramic polymer, involve the coating of fabric or fibers with the pre-ceramic polymer. Existing coating processes usesolvents that add complexity and cost due to safety, handling, and emissions. Hand coating methods also result in high levels of waste since larger areas of fabric must be coated than that required to make the part. Starfire believes that a coating process making use of ultrasonic coating nozzles manufactured by Sono-Tek, Inc. of Milton, NY could eliminate the use of solvents and the problems associated with their use. Starfire also believes that it can develop an automated coating process that selectively coats fabric areas in order to minimize wasted coating materials.

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Project Description

The effectiveness of using ultrasonic nozzles for the coating of various fabric materials with diverse coating materials will be investigated. Automated application technologies, such as roller and x-y plotting, also will be investigated. A prototype coating system will be developed and tested, using materials commonly used in Starfire's manufacturing processes.


For the motorcycle rotor production process, this technology could reduce polymer waste by up to 90%, reduce rotor costs by over 30%, reduce solid waste by 18,000 pounds per year, and reduce power consumption by 45,000 kWh per year

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Starfire Systems, Inc.
100 Saratoga Village Boulevard, Suite 20
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Guillermo Borges

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Research Study

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Industrial Products

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Edward Kear


R&D - Mfg Tech & On-Site Pwr

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST9090-1

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