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Development of Low Power, Commercial Multi-fuel Burner:Low Power, Commercial Multi-fuel Burner(ST8908)

Heat Wise, Inc.,


New York State is a major user of fuel oil and natural gas for heating. Numerous apartment buildings and businesses use gas and oil-fired boilers for space heating and domestic hot water. New York State fuel oil customers also represent about 25 percent of the oil heat market in the United States. Improved gas and oil-fired heating technologies offer the potential for significant energy, environmental, and economic savings. Residential and commercial heating systems (both gas and oil-fired) use significant amounts of electricity for operation of burners, controls, and circulating pumps/blowers. A typical residential or small commercial heating system can use between $100 and $200 of electricity per year. Heat Wise, Inc., is a manufacturer of gas and oil-fired burners for residential and commercial heating systems. Heat Wise, Inc. is located on Long Island and has previously teamed with Brookhaven National Laboratory to develop a low electric power, residential oil burner that uses less than 100 watts (compared to about 400 watts for conventional oil burners.) The new burner incorporates a high efficiency DC-brushless combustion air fan, and electromagnetic, piston-type fuel pump. Heat Wise, Inc., has obtained UL certification for the low power residential oil burner, and is seeking to expand the low power feature to its commercial burner product line.

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Project Description

Phase I of the project included design and laboratory testing. Phase II will include field testing and product certification.


The low power burner will use approximately 75% less electricity than existing burners. Annual electric savings of about $100 per year per burner will be achieved. Heat Wise is a NYS manufacturer providing an economic benefit to NYS.

Project Results

Heat Wise developed a low power commercial burner and received UL listing. They successfully scaled up their residential burner for commercial applications with significant energy savings. Typical commercial burners use about 1000 watts whereas Heat Wise Inc.’s usage is down to about 550 watts. During the field tests, Heat-Wise did identify some defects in components that they were able to remedy in-house and with their suppliers. The product is for sale, providing economic benefits to NYS. Heat Wise has and will continue to attend relevant tradeshows to market its product. They’re also in communication with NY HVAC companies to expand its market share.


Heat Wise, Inc.,
28 Industrial Blvd., Unit I
Medford, NY 11763

Principle Investigator

Bola Kamath

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Product Development

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Building Systems
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

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Nathan Russell


R&D - Buildings Research

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Start Date: 3/18/2005
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST8908

Last Updated: 4/2/2012 9