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Low Precious Metal Catalytic Converter(ST8810-1)

United Environment and Energy LLC


Catalytic converters are devices that use precious metals (e.g., platinum) as catalysts to destroy harmful pollutants in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines. United Environment & Energy plans to commercialize a way to produce catalytic converters using significantly smaller amounts of precious metal. The new method will apply catalysts to substrates (e.g., honeycomb-shaped support structures inside catalytic converters) as nanosize particles that greatly promote catalytic efficiency, compared to existing techniques that deposit the catalyst in bulkier form.

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Project Description

Tasks in this project included initial laboratory work to produce and evaluate sample pieces of coated substrate, scale up of the laboratory processes to produce a full-size coated substrate, and testing the full-size substrate.


By reducing the thickness of coatings within the passages of the catalytic converter, this concept can reduce engine backpressure and thereby improve fuel economy. Also, energy efficiency gains would result from reducing the amount of precious metals that must be extracted from the earth and refined. In addition, this project may create economic development opportunities in New York State.

Project Results

This preliminary exploration yielded encouraging results, but a commercial application for the technology has not yet emerged.


United Environment and Energy LLC
111 Ridge Rd
Horseheads, NY 14845

Principle Investigator

Ben Wen

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Project Type:

Product Development

Technologies Types:

Light Duty

NYSERDA Contact Information

Joseph Wagner


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST8810-1

Last Updated: 3/28/2013