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Metro King Taxi Test(ST8198-1)

Alternative Fuels Technologies Corporati


Alternative Fuels Technologies Corporation (AFTCO) developed the Metroking Taxi, a body-on-frame vehicle derived from a standard General Motors pickup truck and equipped with a passenger module, enabling its use as a wheelchair-accessible taxi. The vehicle is more fuel efficient than comparable paratransit vehicles and is designed for easy introduction of subsystems that would further improve fuel economy. AFTCO has established a sister firm, Metroking Motors, LLC, to manufacture and sell the Metroking Taxi. Before sales can start, AFTCO/Metroking must demonstrate the vehicle’s compliance with safety standards and other technical requirements of target markets.

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Project Description

The work included: performing a needs analysis and compiling a checklist of safety certifications and other technical requirements that must be satisfied before the MetroKing Taxi can enter target markets; developing a detailed test plan to address the items on the checklist; building test vehicles; performing the necessary safety tests and other evaluations per the checklist; and documenting the results.


This product can reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of taxis used in New York City and elsewhere. Metroking Motors plans to initiate vehicle manufacturing in New York State.

Project Results

The vehicle was subjected to crash tests and other evaluations and has now been certified as compliant with all relevant Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Metroking established a pilot facility in Poughkeepsie (NY) to perform final vehicle assembly and to support a demonstration program in conjunction with local taxi operators, and is initiating product sales efforts.


Alternative Fuels Technologies Corporati
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Principle Investigator

Michael DiGonis

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Product Development

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Light Duty

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Joseph Wagner


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST8198-1

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