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AFTCO 100 Motor/ Generator Development(ST7879-1)

Alternative Fuels Technologies Corporati


Extensive research and review of existing technologies for power generation in the 50-75 kW range indicates the absence of a low cost, easy to manufacture and package, robust, lightweight electric machine suitable for use as an AC induction motor-generator in a variety of applications, including CHP, wind-power generation, small hydro, microturbine, diesel or natural gas engines. Alternative Fuels Technologies Corporation (AFTCO), has identified and reviewed, with the assistance of the original design team, an effort undertaken in the mid-1990s by the USDOE, GE, Ford, Dana, and other industry participants to design a robust, highly efficient motor-generator. The entities involved in the development expected that the electric motor vehicle industry would take over; therefore, millions of units of this motor-generator would need to be produced to satisfy the market demand. The million-plus unit market demand did not materialize, and the battery technologies available at that time could not support the design criteria. Although several hundred motor-generators were produced and used in demonstration projects that firmly established the ruggedness and high performance of the design, commercial pursuit of the motor by these companies was abandoned because the criteria for minimum market size of hundreds of millions of revenue for companies was not met.

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Project Description

AFTCO has acquired the rights and secured the cooperation of the generator’s inventor, and is now capable of producing an improved and modified version of this motor-generator for use in a variety of applications and for resale to others. The project will complete the redesign effort for specific applications of interest, to produce ten prototypes of the motor/generator assemblies, assemble two engine driven gen sets using the prototypes, and test the units for performance.


Provides the industry with a low-cost/high-efficiency, superior power-to-weight ratio, electric machine that will enable competitively priced CHP-DG systems to come to market. A similar output machine in a four-pole configuration as provided by Marathon, Baldor and others weighs about 700 lbs. (vs 130 lbs.) In raw materials alone the manufacturing costs are about 5.5 times higher than that of the proposed electric motor-generator. The project benefits several other NYSERDA sponsored projects as well as having a high potential for commercial success as a competitor to generators/motors now supplied by out- of- State sources.

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Alternative Fuels Technologies Corporati
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Michael DiGonis

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Product Development

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Industrial Products

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Richard Drake


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST7879-1

Last Updated: 5/14/2012