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Steam Turbine Generator Project (ST7312-1)

Borden Chemical, Inc.


Borden Chemical, located in the Moreau Industrial Park in South Glens Falls, NY will serve as the host site for this project. This facility, located in National Grid service territory, was built in 1998 and started production of formaldehyde in July 1998. This site employs 13 people, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has two formaldehyde plants with a combined annual capacity of 200,000,000 lbs. Borden Chemical, Inc., the parent company of this facility, is the world's largest producer of formaldehyde, a basic building block chemical used in a wide range of applications.

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Project Description

The production of formaldehyde involves the reaction of methanol and air, using a metal oxide catalyst. The reaction is exothermic and requires cooling. This cooling generates 7,500 pounds of steam per hour per plant, at 100 psi. A fan condenser, using two (2) 15 HP electric motors, is capable of condensing 7,500 pounds per hour of steam. When both plants are operating, the facility vents the other 7,500 pounds of steam into the atmosphere. Summit Energy Services Inc. has compiled electric use data and determined the cost savings from running a 343 KW generator using the excess steam as the prime mover. The proposed system would create no additional emissions and would reduce the electrical costs of this facility a minimum of 17%, based on current plant use.


1. Use a currently wasted source of energy to produce low-cost and clean power. 2. Support an industrial customer in an economic development zone

Project Results


Borden Chemical, Inc.
64 Farnan Rd # 1409
South Glens falls, NY 12803

Principle Investigator

Darren Schaperjahn

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Project Type:

On-site Power Production

Technologies Types:

Steam Turbine

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John Love


R&D - Energy Mkts & Pwr Del

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST7312-1

Last Updated: 1/13/2014