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Wind Resource Assessment, Community Education:An Assessment of the Erie County/Western NY Shor(ST7169-1)

Ecology & Environment, Inc.


In late 1998, NYSERDA issued a solicitation to provide funding to foster wind farm development in New York. As a result of this solicitation, two wind farms were constructed: Madison at 11.5MW and Fenner at 30MW. A third project for $2 million was under negotiation with SeaWest Windpower to develop a 7.5MW or larger wind farm along the Buffalo waterfront. In January 2002, SeaWest decided to halt further work on this project because of a corporate decision not to develop smaller (less than 50MW) wind farms. This project, along with a University of Buffalo wind study, generated significant local interest in locating a wind plant along the Buffalo waterfront. A Buffalo wind farm would be the first urban wind power plant in the United States and was expected to foster compatible economic development activity along the Buffalo waterfront. In order to attract wind development to western New York, Erie County has been working with Ecology and Environment to develop this program to characterize the wind resource on the Buffalo shoreline to facilitate wind development in Buffalo.

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Project Description

This project will measure wind data at six sites along the Buffalo shoreline for at least one year. Based on the measured wind speeds, promising wind development scenarios will be identified. Economic, institutional, and regulatory issues associated with wind development in western New York will be assessed. The results will be disseminated to appropriate audiences. Erie County will assist in project coordination, identifying promising areas for wind development, investigating western New York markets for wind energy, and outreach.


This project’s objectives are to characterize the wind resource along the Buffalo shoreline and, given the wind resource, investigate and recommend promising scenarios for wind development. If successful, this project will attract wind development to western New York.

Project Results

The project determined that the Erie County shoreline has a good wind resource. Since completion of the project, a wind plant was developed on one of the sites identified in this study.


Ecology & Environment, Inc.
368 Pleasant View Dr
Lancaster, NY 14086

Principle Investigator

Josh Wilson

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Research Study

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Energy Power Supply
Wind Turbine

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Jennifer Harvey


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST7169-1

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