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Energy-efficient Building Technology Development(ST6474-1)

Industrialized Buildings International,


IBI has developed an innovative building technology suitable for wall, floor and roof applications of buildings. The IBI Technology consists of two cellular concrete shells connected to both sides of a wire frame truss system. This connection provides a hollow core between the concrete shells that can be used for running ducts, electrical wiring, and plumbing. This core also can be filled with foamed-in-place insulation to improve the thermal performance of wall and roof panels. These panels have undergone thermal testing by an independent laboratory. A 16' X 21' single-story structure has also been erected using these panels. IBI believes it must develop better fabrication techniques in order to improve the cost-effectiveness of this product since it currently uses manual techniques to assemble the wireframe trusses. IBI would also like to demonstrate its technology by constructing a small building with it.

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Project Description

The contractor will: optimize the thermal design of the IBI panel, develop and evaluate new components for assembling panels more efficiently, develop and test improved cellular concrete mixtures, develop prototype production tools and systems that increase productivity, fabricate and test the prototype production tools and systems, fabricate and test prototype IBI panels that incorporate developed design improvements, construct a small building using the panels, assess the performance of the panels, and disseminate project results.


The proposed panel would improve the R-value of walls by 30% compared to conventional wall assemblies for light commercial buildings. The panels could also reduce building construction costs by 30 to 50%. IBI projects full-scale manufacture of the proposed panel would create 15 to 25 new jobs in New York.

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Industrialized Buildings International,
86 Winfield Ave
Harrison, NY 10528

Principle Investigator

Richard Paroly

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Product Development

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Building Systems

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Robert Carver


R&D - Buildings Research

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST6474-1

Last Updated: 5/16/2012