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Sustainable Market Development for Wind Energy(ST6443-1)

AWS Scientific, Inc.


The market for small-scale (<100 kW) wind energy applications in New York State (NYS) is undeveloped. NYS is a largely rural, moderately windy, environmentally conscious State where retail electric rates are among the country's highest, so the untapped market for small-scale wind energy systems could be sizeable. Utility restructuring and the growing public demand for green power choices are encouraging factors, but there are also a number of real and perceived barriers to small-scale wind usage in New York, including a lack of public awareness about modern technologies, zoning constraints, a spatially variable wind resource, grid interconnection requirements, lack of a dealer infrastructure, and economics.

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Project Description

This project instituted a strategic market development and demonstration program in partnership with three promising sectors: municipalities, agriculture, and small businesses, with the goal of catalyzing a broad-reaching, geographically-dispersed market for small-scale wind energy systems.


The project planned to install up to 200 kW of new wind capacity at nine sites, while helping to develop New York's end-use wind market. The project was restructured to increase NYSERDA financing, and ultimately five sites were installed (two educational institutions and three farms), each with 10 kW systems.

Project Results

Project components included: 1) forming stakeholder groups to identify opportunities and address key barriers specific to each sector 2) recruiting wind turbine customers within each sector 3) installing nine wind turbines of various sizes for at least three appropriate, replicable applications within each sector, for a total of approximately 200 kW of new wind turbine capacity 4) designing and implementing effective outreach programs (both internal and external) in coordination with stakeholder groups, and 5) monitoring turbine performance, customer satisfaction, and public reaction as feedback sources to improve future market development efforts A Project Steering Committee was formed with membership from each of the three sectors. The Steering Committee provided guidance on potential applications in each sector, project-selection criteria, and specific communication vehicles that could be used for outreach purposes. NYSERDA adjusted the incentive levels in the end-use wind program as a result of lessons learned in this project. Other key lessons address permitting, zoning, and interconnection, the importance of turbine performance monitoring, and the need for careful installation planning. As a result of this project, over 350 inquiries were processed from farms, municipalities, and small businesses; mostly from farms. Our end-use wind incentive program and other end-use wind activities are all based on knowledge gleaned from this project.


AWS Scientific, Inc.
255 Fuller Rd Ste 274
Albany, NY 12203

Principle Investigator

Bruce Bailey

Universities Involved

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Alfred University


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On-site Power Production

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Judy Jarnefeld


R&D - Environment & Energy Res

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST6443-1

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