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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Study(ST5028)

Electric Transportation Engineering Corp


In response to ongoing air quality problems, New York State has adopted regulations that require the sale of zero-emission vehicles in the state starting in the year 2003. Some fleets are already purchasing and using electric vehicles, particularly in severe non-attainment areas such as the New York Metropolitan region. However, individuals inclined to purchase electric vehicles may be held back by the lack of public charging stations. The Station Car Demonstration Program being promoted by the NYPA and Ford Motor Company is seeking to install a total of 100 charging units at eight different train stations or ride-and-drive facilities in the downstate area. Each unit would be dedicated to a commuter who had leased an electric TH!NK City vehicle through the program

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Project Description

To demonstrate a practical and cost-effective application of zero-emission, electric commuter vehicles in the New York Metropolitan area. This project is a part of a much larger program. In Phase I, the contractor has determined system requirements and evaluated many alternative sites for potential public charging stations. In Phase II, the contractor provided engineering support for the infrastructure installation, supplied the charging hardware (50 dual units with pedestal mounts) and will provided warranty / service work for a three year period.


The Electric Station Car Demonstration Program has strong support and funding from a wide variety of sources. The program has a high likelihood of success and subsequently deploy a significant number of electric vehicles which would reduce gasoline consumption and mobile source emissions in the region.

Project Results

One hundred TH!NKcity electric vehicles were deployed at seven downstate train stations in a significant three-year deployment of electric transportation technology.


Electric Transportation Engineering Corp
401 S 2nd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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Kevin Morrow

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Research Study

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Joseph Tario


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 7/14/1999
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST5028

Last Updated: 6/28/2011