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Develop Wind Forecasting Products (ST4902-1)

AWS Scientific, Inc.


With the increased use of wind energy around the world, it has become important to be able to reliably predict the output of wind power plants over one-to-two days, the period in which plant dispatch scheduling and spot-market purchase and sale decisions are made. Although weather forecasting is a well-established science, techniques of wind for wind energy applications are very new. A significant market opportunity exists for a credible and proven commercial wind forecast product supplier.

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Project Description

AWS Truepower (formerly AWS Scientific) will develop and validate a wind forecasting model for wind applications and market tailored wind-forecast products to wind plant operators, utilities, and power marketers. A prototype model will be created by adapting a state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction model, called Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System (MASS). The model will be capable of representing most physical processes of importance to determining winds near the surface. Wind forecasts from this model will then be compared to observations over a test period to determine the accuracy of the model and refine it as necessary. A strategy for marketing forecasting products to the wind and utility industries will be developed. The model will also be used to produce an internet-accessible wind map of New York State, using historical data.


This project will develop a reliable wind-forecasting service that will reduce the costs and increase the efficiency and reliability of using wind energy in New York and elsewhere. It will put wind energy marketers in a better position to sell wind in the new energy marketplace by reducing uncertainties associated with using this intermittent power source. Three jobs will be supported by this product within one year after project completion and after five years, six jobs will be supported. The wind map will provide wind resource information to for wind developers and others to screen sites suitable for installing wind power in New York.

Project Results

AWS Truepower has used this product to generate wind maps for a large number of states and countries. It is currently using the product to forecast output of wind plants in New York and California and uses this product to complete siting studies for prospective clients.


AWS Scientific, Inc.
255 Fuller Rd Ste 274
Albany, NY 12203

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Bruce Bailey

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Product Development

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Energy Power Supply
Wind Turbine

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Jennifer Harvey


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST4902-1

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