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Emission Control Catalyst(ST4897-1)

AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc.


In 1999, AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc. began developing an improved catalytic converter for cleaning gasoline engine exhaust gases. Using technology licensed from NASA, the new concept was thought to provide greater effectiveness during engine cold starts, reduced need for precious metals (e.g., platinum and palladium) used as catalyst material, and improved fuel economy by reducing the flow restrictions (back pressure) and other inefficiencies associated with emissions control systems.

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Project Description

Phase 1 validated the basic technical concept through laboratory tests of prototype "bricks" comprising honeycomb-style substrates and chemical coatings, like those in conventional catalytic converters. In Phase 2, the researchers iterated the design, fabrication and testing of prototype catalytic converter assemblies, to identify optimal designs for specific applications. Phase 3 focused on testing to satisfy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) durability criteria and to support negotiations with potential manufacturing partners, in preparation for product introduction in the gasoline vehicle market. Phase 4 will focus on testing and commercialization in the diesel engine market.


By improving the effectiveness of catalytic converters, this project sought to facilitate improvements in air quality and energy efficiency, and to provide the basis for a new manufacturing enterprise in New York State.

Project Results

The project achieved good technical results but was unable to kindle sufficient interest from vehicle manufacturers to justify investment in full product commercialization. AirFlow Catalyst has continued to develop catalytic technology, but oriented toward the diesel engine market.


AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc.
2144 Bri-Hen TL Rd Suite 700
Rochester, NY 14623

Principle Investigator

Stephanie Labarr

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Project Type:

Product Development

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Med/Heavy Duty

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Joseph Wagner


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST4897-1

Last Updated: 3/28/2013