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Commercialization of Market Ready PV Roofing(ST4534-1)

PowerLight Corporation


PowerLight Corporation developed and demonstrated the PowerGuard™ technology, a building-integrated photovoltaic (PV) system consisting of tiles that act as both a roof and a solar power plant. Markets for this product are promising, as grid-connected PV energy is approaching economic feasibility in selected locations, providing the focus is on customer-sited building-integrated PV.

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Project Description

In Phase 1, manufacturing processes and stations will be developed for manufacturing PowerGuard™. The project will address: semi-automated backer board fabrication, weather-resistant coating application, cure-coating and cure-rack stations, and a vacuum lift. Phase 2 upgrades the backer board fabrication, automates the protective coating application station, and improves packaging for shipping. Equipment to fabricate j-boxes, T harnesses, quick connects, and PowerCurb will be designed and made.


By saving the cost of the roofing material and eliminating the extra PV mounting costs, PowerGuard™ reduces the cost of grid-connected PV systems, expanding domestic markets. Passive energy savings occur from stand-off roof shading and R-10 polystyrene insulation. PowerGuard™ can be installed quickly and easily with no roof penetrations within existing roofing industry weight, wind speed, and seismic standards. This project will result in the development of a New York manufacturing facility, providing three jobs immediately, and 95 jobs over the next four years, as well as tax benefits. The projected revenues for the product are $6.9 million in the first year, increasing to $44.8 million in the fifth year.

Project Results

A manufacturing facility was established in Saugerties, NY.


PowerLight Corporation
2954 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702

Principle Investigator

Tom Dinwoodie

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Product Development

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Energy Power Supply

NYSERDA Contact Information

Jennifer Harvey


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST4534-1

Last Updated: 9/13/2011