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Electric Hybrid Short Sea Shipping (ST11036-1)

New West Technologies, LLC.


The Contractor, New West Technologies, LLC, has accumulated a broad background in analyzing new transportation technology, including many types of electric and hybrid powertrains for application to freight vehicles. At the same time companies, some with New York State based business units, have been working on new or updated ways to apply electric/hybrid technology in many sectors, including heavy freight modes such as rail locomotives and marine vessels. In addition, interest has grown regarding short sea shipping (SSS), a concept that uses marine vessels to aid in reducing freight congestion on the national highway and rail systems. The federal government has been promoting this concept as an alternative to further expansion of highway and rail infrastructure.

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Project Description

The objectives of the project were 1) to perform an assessment of the technical, economic, and environmental aspects of an All-Electric and Hybrid-Electric (AE/HE) propulsion system for use in a short sea shipping operation; and 2) to perform a core business analysis to determine how a business entity for producing and commercializing AE/HE propulsion systems for ships could be viable and sustainable. This project is for a feasibility study to evaluate potential synergy between emerging electric/hybrid technology and the SSS concept. The Contractor will assemble a Technical Advisory Committee to guide its efforts. Tasks include: identification of relevant technology options and the companies that could bring these options to bear; identification of SSS projects that may be implemented in the future and that would have an impact on NYS; assessment of economic development opportunities involving NYS manufacturers and other businesses; and, developing a strategy for implementing a NYS venture or initiative to capitalize on the identified opportunity.


Reduced fuel consumption and cost could result by shifting freight traffic to marine vessels, versus instances where less-efficient truck and rail modes are now used. Emissions reductions can be obtained by applying idle-reduction strategies to vessels while in port. Ultimate commercialization of possible technologies or processes developed as a result of project recommendations could benefit New York State economic development

Project Results

New West Technologies completed the contract successfully and did a good job in both engaging potential end users and other stakeholders in the project review/input process, including the Port Authority and their rail barge operations. A comprehensive final report was prepared and set the stage for potential follow-on design activity.


New West Technologies, LLC.
8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 800
Landover, MD 20785

Principle Investigator

Bryan Roy

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Research Study

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Frank Ralbovsky


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST11036-1

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