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GreenFleet Business Travel Carpooling(ST11028-1)

Ecology & Environment, Inc.


Ecology and Environment Inc. has developed GreenRide, a Web-based ride sharing application for sustainable transit that maximizes the use of existing transportation capacity. GreenRide allows individuals to access ride sharing opportunities and other transportation alternatives to single-occupant vehicles with active tracking to quantify the energy and environmental savings that result. In addition to the direct energy savings from reducing single-occupant vehicle use, the software also provides indirect benefits such as reduced pressure on the transportation infrastructure, reduced traffic congestion, and a reduced need for parking facility construction/expansion.

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Project Description

Ecology and Environment Inc. has developed, demonstrated, and commercialized a working prototype of GreenFleet. Initially a Web-based survey tool was developed to assess pre-implementation conditions relating to capacity use of fleet vehicles in conjunction with deployment of hardware that connects to the vehicles’ computers to track driving habits (including speeds, distances, idling times, and tire pressure). Then the business trip matching tool was developed to provide opportunities for employees to identify vehicles traveling along their proposed trip corridor that match their route, schedules, and preferences. An employee outreach and awareness building program was prepared that can be rapidly deployed within organizations to encourage employees to share fleet and personally owned vehicles for business trips. The application also provides the capability of dynamic tracking of energy, environmental, and economic savings from the business trip reductions at an individual employee and vehicle, departmental, and organizational level by pulling information from the trip scheduling/reservation tool and from the vehicles computers.


Potential annual benefits from an anticipated 5% reduction in single-occupant business-related vehicle trips (of the 30% expected market share) include a 7 million gallon cut in gasoline consumption, a savings of over 144 million vehicle miles driven, a savings of 65,000 tons of carbon dioxide emitted, a savings of an estimated $26 million in fuel costs, and $78 million from reduced vehicle operational costs.

Project Results

A Presentation of Final Results was conducted at NYSERDA and attended by staff from the NYS Department of Transportation, the NYS Association for Retarded Children, and Saratoga Bridges; a regional transportation provider.


Ecology & Environment, Inc.
368 Pleasant View Dr
Lancaster, NY 14086

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Greg Coniglio

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Product Development

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Joseph Tario


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST11028-1

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