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Non-thermal Plasma Diesel Particulate Removal (ST11025-1)

Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc


The Contractor, Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc. (EET) has been funded by NYSERDA under agreement #9165 to develop a non-thermal plasma (NTP) self-regenerating particulate trap for diesel emissions control. EET has developed prototypes of the device and shown its potential for particulate removal in laboratory tests as well as limited initial road tests on transit buses. It has also shown its potential synergy with a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for NOx control in a test program performed at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Potential key advantages of the technology include operation with a relatively unobstructed flow path, with low backpressure; effective operation during engine cold startups; and self regeneration. Nevertheless, in order to proceed to the ultimate goal of commercialization, well- controlled, well-instrumented third-party testing is required, followed by improved design-for-manufacture, followed by independent laboratory testing to meet EPA technology verification requirements.

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Project Description

A multi-task project is planned that includes the following primary tasks: (1) conduct third-part on-road engine tests; (2) build a prototype unit for verification tests; (3) conduct first phase verification tests, and (4) begin commercialization process with NYS manufacturers and stake holders of this technology.


The low backpressure technology has the potential of reducing fuel economy penalties associated with diesel after-treatment systems, and provide a preferred means for retrofitting emissions controls to in-use engines. Applicability to large installed base could lead to successful commercialization and job creation.

Project Results

1.) Developed a mobile negative high voltage pulsed-power power supply for NTP generation providing up to 24kV; 2.)Demonstrated that a Diesel Particle Removal System (DPRS) using NTP can work effectively on an Urban Transit Bus and a Shuttle Bus although removal efficiency was not ascertained using gravimetric methods; 3.) Established a "Verification Testing Protocol" with California Air Resources Board (CARB)for product verification of the DPRS for on-road engine full exhaust PM control;and 4.)Conducted a pre-verification product test at Environment Canada according to CARB-approved test plan for on-road vehicles.


Environmental Energy Technologies, Inc
1800 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd
Rochester, NY 14623

Principle Investigator

Ali Ogut

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Product Development

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Barry Liebowitz


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST11025-1

Last Updated: 6/28/2013