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School Power Naturally Program Evaluation(ST10986-1)

New West Technologies, LLC.


The data acquisition system (DAS) currently used in the School Power...Naturally program was purchased in 2002; other similar products may now exist. Also, School Power...Naturally data output interface is Web-based, and not all schools have Web access, so some of New York’s students may not have the opportunity to take part in the learning experience from this program.

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Project Description

Specific objectives include: 1) perform a technical evaluation of the DAS to understand its capabilities and limitations; 2) analyze DAS produced by other manufacturers; 3) develop recommendations for DAS that may enhance the future technical capability of the program; 4) create an outline of available technologies and equipment that can provide real-time data to all New York State (NYS) schools; 5) analyze the potential for expansion of photovoltaic system size at existing demonstration schools; and, 6) study the impact School Power...Naturally had on rates of photovoltaic installations in the communities around the demonstration sites.


The product is a set of recommended options that NYSERDA could undertake to enhance the educational opportunity that the School Power...Naturally program provides, and support the expanded use of solar power throughout New York State (NYS).The evaluation would help NYSERDA achieve a better understanding of the limitations of the current DAS and how other DAS manufacturers could integrate their product into the program. This could help NYSERDA develop future PONs that upgrade the technical capability of the School Power...Naturally demonstration sites and provide the ability to allow all NYS schools access to real-time data, regardless of their ability to access the Internet. The market analysis should help NYSERDA to understand the effect School Power...Naturally has on purchasing patterns of PV systems.

Project Results

The DAS currently used in the School Power…Naturally program was purchased in 2002 from Heliotronics, Inc., a firm specializing in renewable energy software and hardware for classroom use. Similar products have been developed since then, though none specifically for use by students. Each product reviewed has advantages and disadvantages, however, and future School Power…Naturally programs should consider how to incorporate more products that can provide real-time data to New York State (NYS) schools.


New West Technologies, LLC.
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Principle Investigator

Bryan Roy

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Research Study

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Energy Power Supply

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Judy Jarnefeld


R&D - Environment & Energy Res

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10986-1

Last Updated: 2/10/2014