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High Speed Automated Composite Fiber Replacement(ST10965-1)

MAS Associates, Inc.


MAS Associates was established in 1990 as a systems integration firm dedicated to the design and installation of high-quality systems for laboratory and factory use. MAS developed a processing technology for its own use that integrates vision software, Computer Automated Manufacturing, and motion controls to apply fiber quickly, accurately, and easily to create complex shapes. Modern automation produces outputs of 5 to 10 pounds per hour when in full-scale production. Compared to manual production there is little gain in productivity based on pounds per hour. This limited output equates to a 10 year payback period. Composites are the preferred material when weight, strength, performance under temperature, and degradation are important. Nevertheless, , composites remain costly to produce because of the expense of fiber placement.

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Project Description

The objective is to improve manufacturing process leading to uniform placement of chopped fibers and manufacture specimens for tensile, compressive testing. Specimens included those manufactured using MAS process and those produced by layered manufacturing techniques currently used in the composite industry. The mechanical properties of each were evaluated.


This study shows that chopped fibers, when applied densely and evenly, are as strong as, or stronger than, woven mats for any given configuration. Additionally, the study shows that the use of automated controls to apply chopped fibers densely and evenly is feasible and necessary.

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MAS Associates, Inc.
311 Sabael Rd
Indian Lake, NY 12842

Principle Investigator

Mark Sherwin

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On-site Process Improvement

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Advanced Materials

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Scott Larsen


R&D - Mfg Tech & On-Site Pwr

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10965-1

Last Updated: 7/13/2012