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Waste Heat Recovery CHP at Albany County Sewer Plant(ST10801-1)

Albany County Sewer District


Sewage sludge produced at Albany Sewer District’s North Plant is disposed of via incineration using 2 incinerators. Exhaust gas from the incinerators ranges between 48,000 and 60,000 ACFM and between 1,000 and 1,250F. This exhaust gas is currently scrubbed and then vented. A study conducted under PON 1045 - Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance indicated that an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system would be the best alternative for capturing and beneficially using this waste heat.

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Project Description

A waste heat oil heater (WHOH) will be installed into the exhaust stream of the incinerators, up stream of the existing scrubber. This hot oil from the WHOH will be piped to an ORMAT REG 1000WC ORC system. The generator output will be connected to the facilities internal 13,200 volt distribution system and will be capable of suppling critical loads during periods of grid outage and a flicker free transition.


Under the expected conditions, the ORC will produce approximately 570 kW of electricity. Heat will also be recovered from the hot oil returning from the ORC to be used for space heating , reducing space heating energy use by 65 to 68%. The system is expected to produce over 3.1 GWhr/yr and 8,300 MMBtu of useful recovered thermal energy.

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Albany County Sewer District
PO BOX 4187
Albany, NY 12204

Principle Investigator

Richard Lyons

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Project Type:

On-site Power Production

Technologies Types:

Organic Rankine Cycle

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Scott Larsen


R&D - Mfg Tech & On-Site Pwr

Contract Details

Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10801-1

Last Updated: 1/21/2014