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The Multi-Probe: Implementation of a New Patented Optical Probe for Use in Process Industries(ST10650-1)

August Ninth Analyses , Inc.


August Ninth Analyses, Inc. (ANA) delivers analyzer and control technology to the chemical process industry. The newly patented probe provides a motorized separation of the two fibers, generating a series of distinct spectra (data) as a function of separation distance. Due to its mechanical complexity and fragility, it has yet to be installed in factories, so no on-line data exists. ANA has invented two ways to address this issue. One method is eliminating the exposed fiberoptic “threads” and the need to move the “threads” to the observation portal. The other method incorporates inexpensive, communications-grade components.

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Project Description

Th is feasibility study involved construction of one design of the multi-probe to test if the probe injects and receives light as intended; demonstrated that the new probe provides quantitative and repeatable measurements of distinct spectra as a function of separation distance; and demonstrate the ability to monitor emulsion instability by locating a nascent interface. The end result was the creation of a hybrid design incorporating the flexibility of the newly patented probe with the durability of the conventional probe. The multi-probe will provide superior analysis and a monitoring system that will trigger wider industry application of process control.


The multi-probe system provides the possibility of shorter process times, peak load shaving and shifting, and reduced waste and rework requirements. Energy usage savings of 10-40% can be achieved. For the two project test sites, one-third of peak load could potentially be shifted, saving 110kW, at Lowenstein, a specialty chemical company, and 600kW at Kolmar, a cosmetics manufacturer.

Project Results

The project resulted in effective fiber optic probe design and new ANA product design spin-offs including an optical multiplexer and cool box. Demonstrations of prototypes were given to Kolmar Labs and Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons. Information was disseminated to New York City's Industrial & Technology Assistance Corporation and potential investors. Product designs resulting from this project are targeted to provide better analysis and monitoring systems to help trigger wider application of process control and automation.


August Ninth Analyses , Inc.
63 Franklin Rd
Scarsdale, NY 10583

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Henry Weber

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Research Study

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Industrial Products

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Ashley Cox


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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10650-1

Last Updated: 9/24/2013